General Security Consulting

Creation Logic draws upon Consultants with deep knowledge in the area of computer security to assist with diverse projects which either have an information security aspect, or are security focused. Creation logic works as part of your team to provide a greater understanding of information assurance and risk management for any project that your company is contemplating or currently involved with, in order to insure that your projects, products and policies accomplish your business goals without risking the integrity of business information.

While the depth of experience at Creation Logic allows this category to be defined quite broadly, some examples of work performed in this area include:

º    Analysis of the security stance of business partners or potential security partners to insure the integrity of information shared with that partner.

º    Technical review of system specifications and development plans for new products or offerings to insure security and integrity of the system or program.

º    Activity/Event analysis of forensic information related to a security event in order to understand the parameters of the event


External network security assessment

Creation Logic works with company IT, service providers and other involved external resources to analyze company infrastructure which is exposed to the Internet for network based vulnerabilities. Elements of this analysis include:

º    Both automated and manual scanning of external hosts.

º    Detailed manual analysis of vulnerabilities.

º    Detailed strategies for managing or eliminating exposed vulnerabilities.

º    Executive level risk analysis.

º    Technical risk analysis and recommendations.

Information Assurance Policy analysis and assessment

Consultants at Creation Logic have worked with hundreds of companies on assessment of current security policy and creation of new policies where it is warranted. Since properly directed and motivated people are more effective than computers in maintaining good security, Creation Logic works with IT, Human Resources, Legal and Executive staff to create policy which reflects business goals and leads to proper information handling with respect to information security. While some policies are driven by regulatory compliance, nearly all companies will have written policies in the areas of:

º    Acceptable use of company network and computing resources.

º    Classification of proprietary information.

º   Proper handling and disposal of company classified information.

º    Communications standards for defined information flows.

º    Authentication, Authorization and Access controls.

Security Infrastructure Support

Senior consultants at Creation Logic have been involved with some of the largest and most involved security perimeters in the world, and bring in-depth understanding of networking, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems and enterprise services to bear on supporting your company's security infrastructure in the capacities of:

º    Design

º    Deployment

º    Diagnostics

º    Performance analysis

º    Forensic preparation