Focused on you

Creation Logic is focused on quality consulting for clients with unique needs in information assurance and data security that cannot be satisfied by a "cookie cutter" approach. Your business is unique, and we are here to present you with security solutions that recognize your differences, while maintaining a best practices approach.

Working with your team

We know that it can be disruptive to bring in expertise from outside the company and we work hard to integrate with your team as seamlessly as possible. Our goal is to help your team find solutions to difficult problems and we do that by respecting the internal skills, knolwledge and expertise your people bring to each engagement.

No surprises

In the context of a consulting relationship, surprises are generally a bad thing. Creation Logic communicates regularly with your team to make sure that each project develops as expected and stays on-track. No billing surprises, no timeline surprises, no unanticipated outcomes. You'll only be surprised by the high quality of our work  the first time, then we hope you expect it as a new standard.